Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Janina's Birthday Bash.

To my favorite sister in this planet
I hope that this day was a blast
This celebration and how well you planned it
We, your guests, wanted the whole day to last.

You were able to make Cris go
And that in itself is a feat
Because you know how often she says no
With joy that she was there, I wanted to leap!

Guerlain, YSL and your jewelry
Tarot card reading and hand massage
Truly made it a day of luxury
It was really fun especially for your entourage.

Mitzi, Dorothy, Mary Ann and Caroline
They couldn't get enough of the fortune teller
That they even invited him just in time
To go to Felix for our dinner.

For the make up that I chose and you paid for
I want to thank you in advance
I regret not have picked out more
But the huge birthday cake put me in a trance.

You better say thanks to all your guests, I think
Who came to be a part of your special day
I guess you can just send them this link
And yes, to me, you will have to pay.

Happy Birthday to you
You belong in the mall
With your love for make up and the dresses
Doesn't this pic make you look so tall?

Cheers Sistah!


Lucille dizon said...

So jealous wasn't able to come. Sure you guys had so much fun!
Can't help but stare at jenny's boobs! They're so plump! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a life! this looks so much fun. Great blog.

Keep on posting!

JDHoschka said...

My Sistah is the BEST! Well the Oracle and the Stealth Queen ain't bad either!

Thanks so much for the poem! Made me all teary!

Now go write some more about ME!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post

Anonymous said...

great dress, candifier!

Candifier said...

thanks! more posts to come! keep on reading!

Anonymous said...

Poetry in motion ;-) Thanks for taking wonderful pics of us!