Monday, March 30, 2009

Dedicated to Alexa Isobel.

Event: Dedication of Alexa Isobel Kaufman
Date: March 28, 2009
Venue: One Roxas Triangle

It was a high couture baby dedication. The first I have ever been to. The mother was wearing a long gown by Debbie Co and baby Alexa wore a pink Jun Escario but had 3 gowns on stand by Debbie Co, Kate Torralba and Puey Quinones.

The ceremony was simple, short and meaningful. The seven pairs of godmothers and godfathers were all present to offer their lifelong guidance to baby Alexa.

The dessert table.

Kate, by the way, serenaded us with her angelic voice while playing the piano. This girl has so many talents you wouldn't believe it.

The radiant mother and daughter.

Mai, did all the center pieces and all the decoration herself. Shows what kind of a dedicated mumsy she is to Alexa.

To David and Mai, congratulations and to baby Alexa, welcome to world of Christ.

Another Reason to Eat.

My JOY LUCK CLUB did it again.

Mary Ann is going to leave for 2 months and we decided to throw her a farewell dinner party. I think it is just a ploy to make Minena cook and for us to stuff ourselves once again. I mean, Mary Ann will be back in two months so it's not like she REALLY needed a dinner party to see her off.

FOOD, this is what binds this group together like a fly to a flypaper. The first dinner together has now grown to almost a hundred times and pounds.

Minena, I have never tasted a better paella before. I am not saying just because you are my friend...or because you gave me 2 cakes last week....or because you always host our dinners at your place....IT REALLY WAS THE BEST. If you are asking me what makes it the best? I can tell you exactly what makes it just that....

1. The sizes of those darn prawns! I suppose you used the freshest and big ass shrimps because you are cooking for your own consumption as well..and I believe that you owe yourself only the best things in life.

2. The chorizo....darn, I would have been happy with just that and the rice.

3. The moist texture of the dish. It was still a bit sticky in the inside but was so well cooked that the flavor of each ingredient just pops in your mouth and then WHAM BAM thank you MAM, pure ecstasy!

The barbeque ribs were made by Gary Jamora! This gang is just calorie deadly, I tell you! To those who know me, you all know how I love barbeque ribs. It is the main reason that I cannot turn vegetarian. But the ribs that Gary prepared, on my gosh...the tenderness, the tangy flavor, the sauce even!

To you my readers, if you are not salivating by now or hear the grumble in your tummy, then you are not human.

AND because Christine thought that these 2 dishes are not enough, she HAD to buy delicious beef noodle soup from Ling Nam! Just the perfect appetizer to warm up the stomach for the dishes above. Sigh.....

And now, for the most evil part of a dining experience. The cakes. You probably will think that I am exaggerating when I tell you that the Strawberry Shortcake is one of the best cakes I have ever had, no offense to Cheffie, but even HE liked it! I am so totally not sharing the leftovers of that to anyone.. meaning just Cheffie and myself.

The chocolate mouse was w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. That's all I will say about that because you might think that I am sucking up to you already.

Those who came, conquered and gained weight.

Thank you guys for the unforgettable evening and Pat for the use of your house.

And to you, Mary Ann and Alex....please let us know one week before your arrival here in Manila so that we can prepare another Joy Luck welcoming party which is really just another excuse to eat.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Anton San Diego ventures into the bar and restaurant world! Congratulations to him for opening a new venue for people to dine and wine with style! The clean, white lines of the structure on the outside is total opposite to the black wall paper and dimly lit dining area. A wall separates the huge main hall from what I think is too small of a bar but the decor and furniture makes up for the tight space.

It was just a stop over having come from Martinis so we didn't stay too long. Just another glass of Amaretto Sour for me and bottled water for the boys, few minutes of photo taking and off we were. So basically, I can't write about the service, food quality and presentation just yet. But don't worry, with the very cool ambiance, I am sure to come back for the real deal.

My party boys.

In the meantime, check out this Establishment's pretty face.

Your bloggerina and Anton San Diego.

When I asked the bartenders to kindly move so that I can take a photo of the bar, they asked why they can't be included. Anyway, how can I resist when they gave me a super yummy Amaretto Sour? Here you go boys!

Martinis Turns Two!

This bar holds a very special place in my liver. If you can recall, Mandarin Oriental opened Martinis with a jewelry show that I produced AND directed. It was fun and exciting and something that I will never forget.

Last Saturday, Martinis celebrated its 2nd birthday with a party where the bars were open from 8 - 11 pm. The theme was Studio 54 so all the servers got rid of their wigs and wore full on Austin Powers costume. It was fun and a nice change. Seriously, I think they should ditch the wig and try another look.

The wigless waitresses would pass around martini infused cocktail foods in glasses. Some were good but some were total disasters (the salmon dipped in sake, margarita style almost made me puke!). We decided to order safe bar chows.

A live jazz band did their stuff but I would have preferred music to coincide with the theme. Would have been more fun I think.

My dates.

Thank you to Charisse Chuidian for the invitation and for taking time out to sit with us.

Since the crowd was totally new to me, I didn't see any of my friends, I decided to head on home before my 3rd glass of lychee martini hits me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery at CHI.

It was indeed a delightful event that Jul B. Dizon Jewellery hosted for 15 very special friends.
CHI, The Spa of EDSA Shangri-la Hotel prepared a magnificent food set up at the Library and wowed us all with the colors, presentation and taste of the spread they laid out for the event.

Junjun Ablaza styled the room and left me breathless with the detail and intricacy of each decor he used. I don't think I can ever have another event without using him to style the place. He is just too good for words.

I know that I have posted about this event but it was just a teaser to what I am about to post right now. You will see how gorgeous my guests are and how well they wear their own Jul Dizon pieces.

CHI pampered them with hand massages and Puey Quinones displayed clothes that truly blended well with the whole afternoon theme party.

Once again, thank you to all those who made this happen. See you on our next event.

And now, my beautiful models....

Here's Rufina looking oh so hot in a Puey Quinones dress.
Cris wore her Chinoiserie Collection from Jul B. Dizon Jewellery and a super cute Pucci dress.
The girls having their hands massaged.
Your bloggerina with the Chinese Shopaholic Mafia.