Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Event: Puey's Birthday Bash
Venue: Puey's place
Date/Time: Feb. 26, 2008, 7:30 pm

When Puey was born, the world had to get ready,
Because since I met him, my world has been nothing but steady.
As small as he is, he changed my life,
If he wasn't gay, I think I would be his wife.

It's his birthday on the twenty-eighth,
But we celebrated it last night.
He said it wouldn't rain because he had a lot of faith,
Ended up renting a tent that in the end, could not be set up right.

The room was filled with food
Which instantly got everyone in a good mood.
It was Thai cuisine care of Michelle Pantoja,
Who also supplied entertainment by doing the cha-cha.

Cupcakes were all over the place,
But hardly anyone touched the stuff.
David and Mai Kauffman thought of smashing it into Puey's face,
But that would surely make him huff and puff.

Angel Aquino came to join the party,
And chit chatted with her fellow celebrities.
Somehow in the end her eyes were all teary,
Glad she was still happy when I said, "Cheese!!"

The hottest guy that night was Paul Syjuco,
Who couldn't stop sweating.
I think that Daphne should prepare him,
For their upcoming wedding.

David borrowed Paul's glasses to look like Clark Kent,
He lent it to him because he has a soft heart.
When Mai saw it on David, she said,
"Honey, you finally look smart!"

Now now, to the Kauffman's, don't get mad,
You know how I love you both oh so very,
That I have come up with an idea that's not too bad,
When your baby comes out, you name her Candy!

Melvin Mojica is somewhat of a shocker,
When he thought he was a professional biker.
When he arrived he seemed to be fine,
Although he looked a lot like Frankenstein.

He then drank his booze straight up,
And took his pain reliever
What happened next?
He thought he was in that show called, Dance Fever.

My drinking buddy, Srdjan Mendoza told me he was felt up,
By a girl who needed a light.
Although he didn't mind a single bit,
His reaction was pure delight.
Now the "I love Puey Award" goes to Sari Yap,
Who took 8 flight of stairs just to say Happy Birthday.
She couldn't dance, wouldn't eat, shoudln't drink,
And left early, a pity she couldn't stay.
The elevator broke down and trapped Alfie, Karen and Fifi,
So for 30 minutes they were scared shitless.
Glad none of them had to go wiwi,
That would have made a huge ugly mess.

So when Markus Tauwald came to party,
He too had to climb the stairs like Sari.
He somehow appointed me as his secretary,
I just hope I get a monthly salary.
Other well wishers are Maricar Lim, Tippy and Ito Ocampo,
James Reyes, RJ Borromeo, Rambie Lim, Jay and Lizzy Chan,
Jojie Lloren, Joanne Bitangcol and Dennis Lustico,
Chef Bruce Lim, Pia Campos, Champ and this funny and drunk white MAN.

We did not know who he came with to the party
But he drank a lot of wine for sure,
He was so drunk that he felt sleepy,
Stretched across the sofa and started to snore.

Everyone was making fun of him as he slept,
Taking photos of his bald head which Puey often pet.
I found him to be so freaky that I stayed away
With all the food and drink he had, we should have let him pay.

Now the funniest thing that happened that evening
Was when a Gutierrez brother put a cherry on his head.
The bald scary man didn't even feel a thing,
The guards kicked him out, enough said.

Random pics are what's to come
Of friends of Puey who truly enjoyed
Be grateful that I was still able to take some
I slept so little, I totally feel like an android.
That is all for this entry,
I am all rhymed out,
There were other guests and celebrities
But I have no photos, please don't pout.

The flowers care of Paradizo, 923-0662.

The food, care of 4th Street Kitchen. Please contact Michelle Pantoja.

The appetizers, care of Chef Bruce Lim.

Cupcakes by Angela dela Cruz of Sweet Life.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sneak Peak...

The Dizon's have something up their sleeve and I am here to let you in the secret.

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery will be celebrating its 30th year in the business and it's going to be BIG. Earlier today, I snuck in the vault and took out some of the pieces that's not allowed to be displayed yet and took photos because I feel like an investigator lately. I have this thing for secrets and exposing them. Hahaha...don't worry, to my best friends, they are still safe with me.

Now, I do not have prices for the pieces below so don't ask me. But if you are really interested, text me.

Rubies and rose cut diamonds in white and black gold.
Tourmaline beads with pear shape pendant with multi-colored stones in silver plated in yellow gold.
Beryll rough beads with hammered silver plated in rose gold links.
Beryll facetted beads with kunzite pendant with diamonds in rose gold.

Ring with chalcedony, milky aquamarine, prasiolite and white sapphires in silver plated in rose gold. LOVE THIS PIECE!!!
Carved fan shaped citrine with aquamarine in yellow gold. THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!!! Seriously!
Amethyst, green tourmaline with carved fan like citrine in yellow gold.
Turquoise with diamonds in black and white gold.
Moonstone with blue, pink and yellow sapphires in silver plated in black gold.
Cuffs with pink opal, white sapphires, moonstone and apatite in yellow gold and silver bangle.
Matching earrings to the cuffs in yellow gold.
Jul B. Dizon Jewellery
The Peninsula Manila
(632) 8864638
EDSA Shangri-la Hotel