Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Loving the Squareheads!

Being called a Squarehead is not really something you can be proud of. According to the Urban Dictionary, a squarehead is a type of person without a sense of humor and unable to enjoy a sense of humor. There were other definitions but I prefer to use the least demeaning one. Anyway, when I hear or think Squarehead, the first thing that comes into my mind is Spongebob.

But lately, I have been falling in love with a different kind of Squarehead. The kind that makes me smile. Never fails to put a twinkle in my eyes and I would love to have on my hand ALWAYS. Just can't decide which one to choose from them all. I guess the only thing a girl like me can do is to take them all.

Ruby cabochon with diamonds in white gold.

Modified cushion of pink spinel with diamonds in white gold.

3.03 carats of radiant cut diamonds with 2 hearts in white gold.

Square facetted ruby with diamonds in white gold.

Cushion cut Citrine with diamonds in white gold ring. 

Rough and milky square diamond with brilliant cut diamonds in white gold. 

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery Salon
Janina for Jul Dizon
The Peninsula Hotel, Manila

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Shangri-la's Kiddie Carnival Gone Bad.

I never fail to go to this event. Every October, they have this Kiddie Carnival where Party Organizers, Photographers, Cake makers, Magicians and all the good stuff you want to have in your party whether a child or adult, are gathered under one roof and try to outdo each other. It is always a lot of fun and informative.


This year, the Kiddie Carnival has changed...for the worse.

Firstly, they charged P600.00 per person even if your kid is 1 year old. No one is exempted. If you are a Globe subscriber, you have a hundred peso discount. For this amount, you get in the Carnival, have a choice of spaghetti/mini burger or spaghetti/hotdog or spaghetti/fries and a drink. The food were served in an aluminum disposable plates with plastic spoon and fork. This is so wrong for me. I mean, this is a 5 star hotel. Paper plates and plastic utensils? The drinks were served in plastic cups.

At one point, the mini burgers ran out and the ticket holders who paid P600.00 didn't have a choice but to eat the spaghetti and hotdog or spaghetti with cold french fries. Seems unfair to me. After a while, the mini burgers were back but I think, a tad bit too late.

Ok, so the food was bad. Not only did it taste like food you can get in a fast food, I am sorry, I believe the food in a fast food chain is much better than the one I had last Sunday, the presentation was poor as well. It spelled CHEAP despite the entrance fee.

Secondly, as we entered, there's decorate your sweet bread station. The children decided it might be fun so they were given each a bread, icing and decoration. After wrapping it up, we decided to move on only to be stopped because apparently, there's a charge for each sweet bread that kids used. Hmmmmm, so basically, the entrance fee did not cover the activities inside. P50.00/bread which is actually only less than P20.00 in their outlet store. Now, you must understand that it is not the price that bothers me, it is the concept of every single move having a price tag to it.

When we entered the Ballroom, it seemed quite festive. Lots of people, booths and loud music. But when we visit each booth, I realize that the products are mostly crappy things. Not at all interesting and for sure, not worth the P500.00 that I paid for/person.

Sure there was a fashion show by Gingersnaps and a Horror Maze, but aside from that, everything is what I call W.O.T. (Waste of Time)

It became obvious that this whole carnival thing was not about finding good suppliers for parties. It was just all about the hotel making more money. They surely must have charged each company for a space and then in addition, they charged the possible clients of these company an entrance fee. The gift bag that you can get from each of the hotel's outlets had 1 bag of local chips, 1 piece of jellyace, 1 pack of biscuit.

The sorry looking booths.

The Kiddie Carnival has gotten OLD.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Junjun Ablaza's Blazing Red Hot Party!

Event: JunJun Ablaza's Birthday
Date: October 24, 2008
Venue: Ablaza's New Manila residence

I feel quite privileged to have been invited to Junjun's birthday party. Although he has gazillion and 200 friends in this planet, he informed me that only a handful was given an invitation. And yes, I am bragging that I was one of the handful. So to the friends of Junjun, who might chance upon reading this post and was not invited, boy oh boy, what a shame. (BWA HA HA HA!!! I am so bad.)

Anyway, the good that's left in me has been given the permission to take photos of what you missed, and golly gee, that's a LOT! (Another evil laugh coming.... BWA HAH HAHA!)

Ok seriously, I know that I have been really lazy to Candify you guys but lately, there's really not much going on in the society worth blogging. Except for the STREETCAST of Ronald Pineda of Folded and Hung which I was invited to but was too darn lazy to go. Shame on me. I heard that was good and successful. Yey for Ronald!

Anyway, back to Junjun's partehh...

When we entered the gate, a welcoming drummer band performed for us and set the us in the mood to party like rockstars!

Now, enough of this chit chat, let me tell you about this house. It's HUGE!!! It competes with the Vatican Museum with all the valuable things inside AND out! But in this case, we have Buddha everywhere. It was a pure delight as to how one house can have so many art pieces yet still maintain it's order and cleanliness. Bravo to the house helpers!

When we entered the house A, we were led across the bridge over the pool to house B. Red lights made me go into my happy place. I love RED. Actually the whole place had a red feel to it as you can see in the photos below.

The Outdoors:

While the DJ was doing his stuff, Cheffie and I looked around and saw this cute colorful corner where mouth watering shots were on display. We just couldn't help but to have a few (not really loaded with alcohol unless you tell them you want to get wasted). These shots were sweet and refreshing and was fun to gulp down!

After dinner, which we had the pleasure of sharing a table with Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Jacinto, we headed towards THE MAIN HOUSE. Brace yourselves.

I must tell you that I didn't even get the chance to explore much the house. These photos are only of House B, 1st and a part of the 2nd floor. There are sooooo much more that I was not able to take photos of and lets just say that despite the go signal for me to blog about his house, I still want to leave Junjun a little bit of privacy. (See? I am not so mean. haha)

But it only gets better. After a few shots of the not-at-all-acoholic-shots, I felt I needed to do more work so I walk around to find more eye candy. Jackpot! Check this out.

Nice right? Well, what shocked me about it is that this is what I see when I go to take a pee. A cabinet filled with Wedgewood china. Antique tables and lounge chairs. And paintings that I would die to have in my living room. In Junjun's case, it is good enough for the toilet. Sigh....

So I guess the next thing in your mind is what the Men's toilet looks like right? I sent my partner in crime to investigate and this is what he sees.

AG, Junjun Ablaza, Junjun's dad, Louis Ablaza, Mr. And Mrs. Rupert Jacinto

A guest and the birthday celebrant.

Rupert Jacinto.

Here's to you Junjun, to a very prosperous, exciting, fun-filled and successful year to come.