Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You Are What You Eat!

This makes Toby a gigantic cup filled with 12 scoops of assorted flavored ice cream namely mango, cheese, ube, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, cookies and cream, mocha, coffee, rasberry, caramel and chocolate marble with a can of whipped cream, blob of chocolate syrup, wafer sticks and a cup of fresh fruits.

That is what you get when you order Pen Pals at the Peninsula Lobby. It is a P790++ worth of calories, carb and eventually inches and pounds on the waistline. I say, good thing Peter, Joanne, Jenny, Evan and I were there to help you out with this but even with us digging in, we were only able to finish a quarter of the dessert.

What I Want for Christmas!

I got the red one. Can anyone get the white one for me?

10.50 carats, Oval shaped diamond, J color, VVS, GIA Certified, set in platinum and fits me perfectly.


Battle of the Buffets Part 3, The Peninsula Manila

And you thought I had forgotten? Nah, just needed some time before I could look and eat at another buffet place. If you are not a regular reader, let me update you real quick. A few months ago, I have decided to check out 5 hotels that offer buffet and compare them to one another and pick out the best in my opinion. The first two that I tried was Circles of Makati Shangri-la and Paseo Uno of Mandarin Oriental. For my third contender, it was at my second home, The Peninsula Manila.

It was a Friday so it was Seafood Buffet at the Lobby. Oysters, Lobsters, Mussels, Crabs and all of Nemo's friends were deliciously spread out. Roastbeef at the carving station and a tempura corner did some heavy damage on the so called diet that I was in. SEE-FOOD diet is more like it as I eat all the FOOD that I SEE!

The buffet gang was Steffie, Evan and I. It was a fully booked lobby but because we consider ourselves as VIPs in Pen, Steffie and I were able to get a table even without a much needed reservation. Soon as we step outside Pen, we are back to being nobodies. (Did I spell that right?)

Anyway, it was good. Actually, it was more than good. A bit heavy on the pocket but if you are a seafood lover, this is the buffet for you. I would recommend it to my family but if the Dizon's were to eat here, I am sure Peninsula would declare bankruptcy the very next day. The men in my clan would need to have the food replenished 3 times before they feel a little full.

Here are the photos and I say, it is worth the 3 inches on the waist.

The Peninsula Manila
(632) 8123456

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Poor Lil' Me....

I am often asked by my readers why I have been so lazy to blog lately. They think that I have lost my zest for blogging but to tell you all why, it is because my best friend finally went to Computer Heaven. Yup, she passed away about a month ago and boy, do I miss her.

But don't worry, I am studying the choices for her replacement and soon, I will be back to post more of my nonsense that some of you seem to be enjoying (losers! hihihi)


P.S. To my family in the US, isn't it about time you send some love to me by sending me a MacBook Pro?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Xmas Party #2 for 2007!

Event: My Joy Luck Club Xmas Party
Venue: Gary and Jasmin's residence
Date: Dec. 8, 2007
Party people, Jasmin, Gary, Krissy, Candy, Christine, Cherry, Sandy, Minena, Pat, Alex, Mary Anne, Ylaine, Ginny, Pascual, Evan, Peter,

Our local version of Martha Stewart, Minena Garcia, did an amazing job at feeding us all. THAI food has never tasted better and I am not saying this because Minena is my friend. I am telling you people, it was better than some of the most expensive THAI restaurants that I have tried.

Xmas Party #1 for 2007!

Event: Christmas Party
Venue: Cuisine, Fort
Date: December 13, 2007
Party People: Mitzi, Dorothy, Caroline, Mary Anne, Candy, Marivi, Stephanie, Geraldine, Joseph, Evan, Jim, Stephen, Roberto, Janina

Dinner was not really great. Our food took a good 45 minutes before we were all able to eat. It was pricey and I have had better food for the amount we were billed. I say, stick to Cuisine for drinking and mingling, never to dine.

Anyway, I guess the DJ took one look at our group, decided that we are almost all above 30 years old and played NEW WAVE! Janina, Mitzi and Dorothy showed the crowd the dance steps of the 80's until their bones couldn't take it anymore and decided to go home and sleep when the clock hit 11pm. It was all in all quite an embarrassing evening but still a lot of fun.

The young ones, namely, Stephanie, Marivi, Evan, Markus and I stayed on until the wee hours of the morning. PARTY ON!!!

(Will be posting more photos of this evening as soon as I get them.)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Aids Awareness in Embassy.

Venue: Embassy, Fort
Date: December 1, 2007
Attire: Touch of RED
Sponsors: Motorola, Victoria's Court

Marc Nicdao, photographer extra ordinaire, did a great job in taking amazing photos of social bees for Motorola during the Aids Awareness Event at Embassy last week. It was a fun night with lots of besos going around among the regulars of the club.

Enjoy the pics!

Puey, Champ, Bianca and Pia.

SJ, Puey and your bloggerina.

The evil wolf whispering something to the Little Red Riding Puey.

PQ and Marivi.
Marc Nelson and PQ
My sister, Leah Puyat, your bloggerina and PQ.
My favorite couple, Nix and Rajo.
PQ, JM Rodriguez and moi.
Anton Barredo, Diether Ocampo, Leah Puyat, friend and lil' ol me.