Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Joy Luck Club at Larry's, Serendra

Once or twice a month, I have dinner with a group of friends and since then, it has become a pattern that we must follow. Which is a good thing because it gives us all a reason to eat and try new restaurants. I have to let you know that these group of friends are mostly Chinese. Out of 12, there are only 5 of us that are flippers (Filipino). It kinda reminded me of a favorite movie of mine, Joy Luck Club and since then, I have referred to this group as such.

One evening, after dinner at Abe, my JLC decided to go to Larry's for dessert but it was full. Rose had to give her number to the waiter so that he could text her when our table was already ready. I think it was a neat trick for him to get the number of Rose, since Rose is a hot chick.

Anyway, dessert was great. Lava cake was delicious, coffee and tea were served and it was a nice atmosphere all in all. After that night, I have been back to Larry's for dessert and coffee three times. I think that it is the only place in Serendra that I recommend for a night cap. Of course there are other dessert and coffee places right next to it but I still prefer Larry's. You should try the mint chocolate chip smoothie. My sister ordered it and her husband Toby stole it from her. If you know Toby, a health freak, someone who would never touch sweet junk food, this must mean that this drink is too good to resist.

Going back to that night, there was something about Cherry lifting the hands of Minena and Mary Ann, as if she were the President endorsing these 2 as her choice candidates. It was hilarious. Well, you had to be there to understand. As you can see in the pictures, there's a lot of V fingers going on. Not quite sure how that happened because my drink, Bailey's coffee in a shot glass, made my tummy feel warm and fuzzy.

For all that know me, my liquor intake should only be 1 shot glass because any more than that, I am back to my zigzag-dizzy-dizon girl mode. I am a cheap date. When other girls can take 4, 5, 6 glasses and not even be tipsy, I would be on the floor, crawling my way out, dragging my ruined good girl reputation out the door.