Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Birthday Wish Gift.

Yup yup yup, it is that time again when I have to inform you of what I want for my birthday. This time, I am going clean and simple. No yachts, planes, log cabin in Switzerland and no Hollywood celebrities. For this year, I am asking for just one thing. For those who care about me, you can all gather up your coins and join forces in getting me this simple token of your undying love.

Oh and this baby is not out in the market yet because Honda is taking too slow in manufacturing it so please call them up and tell them to rush it in time for my birthday.

Thanks Sweethearts! You guys are the best! By the way, a red ribbon wrapped around it would be fantastic! Muah Muah Muah!

PUYO' is a Japanese onomatopoeia that expresses the sensation of touching the vehicle's soft body. It is meant to convey a warm, friendly impression.

The PUYO represents a new idea in mobility that brings together 'clean', 'safe' and 'fun' functionality in an environmentally responsible, people-friendly minimalist design featuring an ultra-high efficiency, small frame and fuel cell technology to please both users and onlookers alike.

Coolness to the max! SUPER love it. Only problem with this car is you can't have any hanky panky going on without the whole country watching. (wink wink)

The development theme for the Honda PUYO exterior was to create a cornerless, ‘Seamless Soft Box’ form that is kind to both people and the environment. The goal was to create a personable design with the feel of an adorable pet, while taking advantage of the maximum spaciousness of the box-shaped design. The Honda PUYO’s ‘gel body’ features soft materials to promote greater real-world safety. Moreover, the body has been made luminescent to guide people into the proper operating position and notify them of the vehicle’s condition.

Don't forget the red ribbon!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I spy an iBrief with my Eye!

Thanks to my trusted billboard researcher, Anne, I have the perfect gift for all the guy friends I have out there. Guy friends whom I know to always walk around the house in his brief listening to his iPod. If you are one of my dudes who do this, you have to invite me so that I can be convinced that you deserve this gift that Anne found for me. (wink wink)


iBrief! The brief that has a special compartment for your iPod. Not really sure if your iTouch will fit but if you wear large briefs, then perhaps it will. If you need assistance in measuring the equipment, please don't hesitate to call me. Ok, Anne too since it was her discovery.

Warning, please make sure that you pull out before you pee. The iPod I mean.

Friday, May 23, 2008

All Dolled Up Aftermath....

Time to hit a party! Why waste the hairdo and make up right?

Sala Bistro finally celebrates its Opening Party called "La Dolce Vita". Located in Greenbelt 3, this restaurant is sure to make it big with the great service and yummy food.

It was a bit hot because of the unpredictable weather lately but they were prepared and had "Diva Flight Attendants" pass around fans to help us cool off. Cocktails and finger food were also abundant and munching on them was nonstop and because it was delicious and bite size, I would often see the tray almost empty. But another filled one would come out right away and make our tummies happy. The booze was also coming from a well it seems. Everyone had a drink in hand and people were laughing and truly enjoying themselves. This party spelled out SUCCESS and boy, am I glad that I was there to be part of it.

Enjoy the pics starting with the "FA's".

Vicki de Tagle showing off her Jul Dizon earrings.

Your bloggerina and Ferdie.

Joey Zarra and girlfriend.

Teddy and Janine Dario with Heidi Ng and friend.

Liza Labo and yours truly.

Top Model of 2007, Ria Bolivar and boyfriend, Sherwin Ricafrente.

Puey Quinones, Bubbles Paraiso and Phoemela Barranda.

Ruby Gan and PQ.

The Dizon girls with PQ.

The friends and lovers of Sala Bistro.

All made up.

Mandarin Oriental's Charise Chuidian and Janina Hoschka and friend.

CJ and Lucille Dizon.

Ginny Dizon and PQ


Owner Chico Angeles and your bloggerina.

All Dolled Up.

It was a day of vanity. We all slept early the night before to avoid having eye bags for the next day. Good luck to me right? Anyway, we got to Peninsula around 10:30 and we all headed to Rigodon for the photo shoot.

We want to thank The Peninsula Hotel for lending us the ballroom and for feeding the crew and all those involved in the project. We all love the chandelier which is why this is the spot we chose to do this shoot. Garch, we are grateful.

Back to the story, we started getting our hair and make up done and that in itself was fun because of all the gossip that was shared during the egotistical process of making us pretty. With products of L'Oreal and the able crew of Jigs Mayuga, it wasn't really hard to do, right Jigs? (wink wink).

With curls on our hair, we were made to look like Grecian goddesses (yeah right, I wish!). Vianney Guesse did our hair and to tell you honestly, I wanted to take him home so he can do my hair every morning. Guess I gotta be a Greta do have that kind of life. Sigh..

After make up, we got down to business in getting the clothes on. How fun is it to be a girl! Puey lent us some clothes and because he's the only one that knows how to drape them really well, he was kind enough to take time out from his work to help us out. Clothes from Zara, Burberry and Ferdie Abuel and amazing shoes by Cesar Gaupo also helped glamorize us Dizon women.

At last it was time for photographer extra-ordinaire, Denise Weldon to do some magic. But just before that, the real models who knew so much more on how to project taught us how to emote and pose with ease. It was so much fun just watching "the girls" and the girl work their stuff. (hahaha!)

Unfortunately, I can't post a photo of our version but I am telling you, the Puey dresses, Jigs and staff of L'Oreal and Nay worked wonders and made us feel like superstars.

Anna Sobrepena really picked out a great team for this shoot.

Here's me and stylist, Jerry Santos.

Your bloggerina and assistant editor, Suki Salvador.

Thanks to L'Oreal Elite Team crew, Desiree Lozada, Mimie Bautista and Sheryll Camaya.

Lifestyle Asia, July 2008 issue, watch out for it.