Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I Want To!!

Today, I celebrate my 35th year in this world. I have been through a lot of challenges from when I was a kid till now.

To name a few:

- getting brand new clothes and not hand me downs from my older sister, Jenny,
- learning Math when I absolutely hate it.
- realizing that just because I am wearing a green and white striped shirt does not mean I have to wear green and white striped socks.
- to have the nerve to french kiss in front of the whole school because of peer pressure.
- how to deal with freshly permed hair that made me look like Whitney Houston.
- how to explain to the security guard why I had an unpaid pencil sharpener in my pocket.

Those are some of the obstacles I had to go through and were critical to my being who I am now. Today, I don't wear socks unless I do sports. No more permed hair. The calculator is my best friend. Use mechanical pencil. I still get hand me downs from Jenny but I don't really mind that anymore. It's actually a great thing. And the peer pressure? Nah...I think it is even quite exciting to french kiss in front of the public.

But as I have 25 minutes left on my 34th year, I think about what my Auntie Grace told me when she read my stars. She asked me what time I was born, date and year. She opened up her mega-thick book about my lifeline and she said that my lesson in life, is LOVE.

As she read this in front of my whole family, I watched everyone agree to the fact that I am a loser in the LOVE department. I have been through many boyfriends and all of them have failed. I don't mean it to fail, and I do try my best to keep it alive, unless of course I can sense no real future with them, but for the last love of my life, it has made me realize that darn, I do suck at this sport.

This game of love has really beaten me to a pulp. I am down on the ground, curled up, crying my eyes out, humbled.

In the beginning, I know that I am great at it. Hitting every ball back to my partner. The weather working with us and the audience even cheering us on. There were a few misses, occasional downpour but nothing to despair about. I would always somehow get the ball back in the air. In the middle of the session, I start to lose my grip. I get too focused on the game that I tend to forget to enjoy it. I begin to ask to make the exchange faster, a better racquet, more balls, brighter skies. In the end, not only do I lose the game, I lose the person I am playing with.

It's officially my birthday and I am now 35 years old. It's not the age that makes me mature but it is the experiences that I go through that toughens me up. My lesson in life is LOVE...but not how to love someone...because that I am an expert at. To love myself is what I don't know how to do. To see my worth and value. To be happy with just me. To actually NOT look for love because it will find me when I am most ready.

Sure, birthdays are supposed to be a joyous moment. A fun filled day with lots of cheers and laughter, gifts and more gifts. But this year, I cannot help but feel a bit sad. Alone. Somewhat defeated. In tennis diction, it's love in the love department. But then again, from where I am now, the only way to go is up.

It is my birthday, so let me cry if I want to.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

From Jewels to Flowers.

When you have it, you have it. Talent that is. For Jul B. Dizon, designing jewelry is much like creating a flower arrangement. Putting diamonds around a gemstone is to adding roses to the bunch of babies breath. For years now, my mom's SOP is to send fresh flowers to clients who purchase something from her jewelry store as gratitude for their patronage. It is common for store owners to do this but for that owner herself to actually be the one arranging the flowers, well that might be something else.

It is not so much the work that entails it, it is more of the therapeutic effect that has on her when she handles beautiful things. She would wake up as early as 5 am to get the freshest and newest deliveries of flowers in the market. By the time she gets home, you will see her working on her creations as if it was the easiest and most pleasurable thing to do.

Ok, let me tell you that it is not easy at all. You think that by putting a bunch of cabbage roses together and adding a few birds of paradise and inserting a whole lot of leaves will give you a master piece right? Well, that's what I thought when I tried my hand in arranging flowers but after stepping back to view my creation, I decided that I am sticking to jewelry designing.

Here's what Jul B. Dizon had to work with.

And for about two to three hours, these are some of what she had made for the Rotary Club of Balintawak when they asked her to beautify Manila Polo Club for induction of officers last Thursday.

The former President of the Philippines, Fidel Ramos was guest speaker for the event and as soon as he stepped on the stage to say a few words, he had told everyone how impressive the flower arrangements were and that they should take it home because it is beautiful and expensive. He should know what he is talking about because his wife, Ming is a flower afficionado.

So proud of my mom because as busy as she is, with her foundation, jewelry stores, a spoiled husband, 5 kids, 4 in-laws, 13 grandkids and a staff of 30 to handle, she still amazes us by taking yet another line of business. PARADIZO, she calls it. You can figure out why. (hihi)

(632) 9230662

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Banas Circle of Trust.

Once you are in, you are staying in. This gang is solid as a rock. We may not see each other as often as we would like to but when we do get together, whether it is Karaoke, dinner, drinks, clubbing or out of town escapades, it is always a blast. Especially since the Seniors (meaning cousins, age 38 and up) make so much money that they always pay for the party and because of this, the Yuppies (age 27 to 37) never fail to take advantage of them.

We welcomed my uncle Edward and wife, Peluchi to Manila with parties left and right. Dinner here and there and a Karaoke night that lasted till 3:30 am. I even sang 2 songs which is rare because I get PAID to sing. This occasion, I gave my performance for free.. (hihi)

We sang our hearts out in World Karaoke in Greenhills. Reserved a room for 20 people for 10 pm. They made us wait an hour and at 11 pm, we were escorted to a room for 8. You can just imagine how we all squeezed in just so we could get the party started. At midnight, that's the only time we finally got our room. That is sooooo wrong. I say, for a Karaoke party, take it to another place.

Even if I have a screwed up love life, it is always good to have a solid and fun family to turn to. So to all my Yuppies, let's PARTY on and help the Seniors enjoy their moolah....but next time, I get paid for my singing!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lauren Lights up our Lives!

There's another jeweler in the family. Daughter of my brother, CJ and his wife, Lucille.

She is as pretty as her mom but let's hope she is as sweet as her Mama Candy. That's what all the kids in the house calls me. Probably because I baby them too much.

Lauren has a head FULL of black hair and her cheeks are so big. Like all newborns, she smells SOOO good. Makes me want to make plenty of babies.....hmmm....come to think about it, I probably just want to try making them. (wink wink)

Cheers to CJ and Lucille for adding another successor to the family business!

Name: Lauren Ricafrente Dizon
Birthdate: July 23, 2007, 2:44 pm
Weight: 7.8 lbs
Length: 49 cm
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Birthstone: Ruby
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Year of the Pig

Monday, July 23, 2007

"Shoe Fleur" by Michel Tcherevkoff

Michel Tcherevkoff was born in Paris of Russian parents. After graduating from law school, he came to New York and began a career in photography; he soon was recognized for his inventive, “reality-with-a-twist” images. His clients include Canon, EMI, Valentino, Missoni, Prescriptives, Maybelline and L’Oreal. Tcherevkoff has received hundreds of awards, and his photography-based artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.

"I bought all these flowers and leaves and started to shoot. It was fun and pretty and just what I like -a total fantasy."

To learn more about this superb photographer, please click on:


My family's Bday Gift to ME!

Dear Dad, Mom, brothers and sisters,

I would like to thank you in advance for this wonderful gift that you have decided to give me. I am truly grateful for your generosity, kindness and understanding of my needs and wants.

Staying for 3 days and 2 nights in Friday's, Boracay is exactly what I need to make my birthday a very memorable one. How lucky can a girl be to have family like you who's willing to shell out $400.00 for my package in Friday's. If you calculate, that is only $40.00 for each one of you (Dad, Mom, Chad, Toni, Cedric, Ginny, Jenny, Toby, CJ, Lucille).

As you can see from the photos below, I truly enjoyed myself the last time I was there and because of you guys, I will be able to enjoy the sun and even the rain, the peace and quiet, the memories it carries and the memories to come once again. My temporary booking is on August 4 to 6. All you need to do is cough up the money so you can make my birthday dream (2007) come true!

You are the best!!!

Your loving daughter and sister,


P.S. Don't get cheap on me, make it $50.00 each for my food and shopping.

P.P.S. You guys all know how much fun I had last time I was in Friday's right? (wink wink)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Rock in Ring!

Rings in general have a deeply rooted magical significance. Enchanted rings figure in many ancient folk tales. Incantations and folk spells for the protection of the wearer of rings are common motifs. Jul B. Dizon Jewellery does not promise any mysterious superstition but what we do promise is being fashionable with your accessories.

The way to wear rings nowadays is to go CHUNKY. Many of our designs in our new collection are of huge rocks and intricate designs that are considered conversational pieces. If it is a big ring, I say that it is best worn on the pointed finger for a louder statement. With the vast availability of cut stones, the possibilities are almost endless with designing something that is just right for you.

I must tell you that not all ladies can carry off a chunky ring. Some opt for the classic and simple design which is also good but it is best to put yourself out there, be experimental with your look and WOW them with your great fashion sense.

Diamond ring in an antique black and yellow gold setting.

Yellow sapphire with scattered petals of rose cut diamonds set in yellow gold.

Two and a half looped ring with different cuts of Kunzite on a diamond set band mounted in white gold.

Rough cut of citrine with polished white topaz and citrine with diamonds set in yellow gold. (SOLD)

Pear shape Kunzite with diamonds set all around mounted in 18 karat white gold.

Two rough Kunzite rings with diamonds on the edges mounted in 14 karat rose gold.

Single rough Kunzite with diamonds mounted in 14 karat rose gold.

Three rough cut Citrine in yellow gold.

If you have decided to try to sport a Chunky ring, I say, wear it on the other hand that you wear your watch on. No distractions allowed because the ring should speak for itself.

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery
The Peninsula Manila
(632) 8864638

EDSA Shangri-la Hotel
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EAR you Go!

You may wear a $5,000 gown and $3,000 pair of shoes and $10,000 purse but you still won't look complete without ear candy more popularly known as earrings. Yup, without these babies, you might as well wear shorts, t-shirt and flipflops but even then, you should be wearing one. At least, that's how I feel about it.

Earrings are a necessity when it comes to fashion. There are different kinds of styles which you may choose from. There's the stud, huggies, dangling, loop and chandelier. Although most women look good in any style, there are some who might want to stick to a kind that compliments the shape of their faces. For me, it's gotta be dangling because i have a round shaped head and the dangling earrings elongates my face (plus it is flirty and fun, hihi) So for this blog, let me show you some dangling earrings that we have in our collection.

Classic design of diamonds and round yellow sapphires mounted in 18 karat white gold.

Flat multi-colored/shaped sapphires with diamonds on crooked lines of 14 karat white gold.

Pair of dangling pear shaped Morganite with diamonds in 18 karat white gold.

For the next three pairs, JBDJS used rough stones, meaning, they are hardly polished giving the look of a precious stone that is of its most natural state.

Rough citrine with diamonds in 14 karat yellow gold.

Rough Kunzite with diamond rondelles and pear shaped citrine mounted in yellow gold. (SOLD)

Rough Citrine with yellow and white diamonds in 14 karat yellow gold. (SOLD)

Unfortunately, I can't really post all our pieces, but you may check out a temporary website that Ginny created.

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery Salon
The Peninsula Manila
(632) 8864638

EDSA Shangri-la Hotel

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery gives Birth to JANINA!

Event: 29th Anniversay of Jul B. Dizon Jewellery
and Launch of JANINA for Jul B. Dizon
Venue: The Conservatory, The Peninsula Manila
Date and Time: July 19, 2007, 3:30 to 7 pm.

It was a very successful event that Jul B. Dizon Jewellery (JBDJS) celebrated last Thursday as 350 people came to see the new collection and the launching of JANINA for Jul Dizon. Janina, the daughter of Jul, opened her own store also in Peninsula, organized this event. Everyone was in a very glamourous mood as they arrived looking spectacular. Most of the guests also wore their own JBDJS pieces and it made us feel really proud to be a part of their beautification process.

We treated our guests with a fashion show featuring clothes designed by three top Filipino designers, Rajo Laurel, Frederick Peralta and Puey Quinones.

Mr. Srdjan Mendoza, business manager of Puey Quinones.

The set up was meticulously prepared by Zenas Pineda. She hung lavender lanterns from the ceiling and made sure that the oriental theme was carried out to perfection. Everyone who entered The Conservatory was generous with their compliments about the way it was styled.

The food was prepared by The Peninsula, of course, handled by no other than events manager, Stephanie Chong, who happens to be in Singapore now recupperating from all the work she did for us. Thanks Steffie!

Because the invitation stated that attire should be "oriental luxe" some of the guests took time out to wear dresses that show off Asian culture. Below is Mary Ann Tai, who wore an authentic and very chic kimono.

Carol, sister of Mary Ann, wore an Indian inspired outfit. Both sisters were admired by many as they stood fashionably apart from the crowd.

Fashionista, entreprenuer and lover of all things luxurious, Ms. Doyee Tumpalan is never absent from our shows. Truly a valued client but more importantly a good friend to my family and I.

My own mother said that Leah Puyat can be my sister because we look alike. Good thing she is beautiful (inside and out).

TV celebrity and her husband, Donita and Eric Villarama, who's in crutches because of a broken ankle, still took time out to support us in this event. Truly appreciate it guys. And Donita, my dad is soooo loving your photo.

My most favorite, Naty Pappas who does not need any jewellery because of her already vast collection, came to grace the show out of friendship. MUAH!

Dr. Sandra Torres is all smiles as she goes home with earrings that are to die for. Thank goodness she knows CPR.

Mother and daughter tandem, Annabelle and Cathy Chavez never fails to look fabulous, even if we are just going out for lunch.

Lady in red (my favorite color), Marissa Concepcion and I had our hair done at the same time. Here's us looking all fresh and curly. Hihi...

Good friend, Paul Syjuco will open his own jewellery store next month. Don't forget to invite me for the opening! An event I would surely love to blog about.

My SUPER-SISTERS-IN-LAW, Ginny who stayed up till 4 am for 3 consecutive nights working on the inventory and Lucille, who's just about ready to pop out her baby worked so hard for this show. Totally the Employees of the Year 2007, if we had those awards, but in thought, I just passed on to you guys my crown. Hihi..

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery
The Peninsula Manila
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EDSA Shangri-la Hotel
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JANINA for Jul Dizon
The Peninsula Manila
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