Monday, September 24, 2007

Rouge, the New Collection.

It was an unforgettable shoot that the team went through. It was at the Janilo Beach Resort owned by production manager, Srdjan Mendoza. It took them 2 days for 20 layouts using 1 model under the scorching heat of Lian, Batangas. Photographer Charles Lu with the help of stylist, Michael Salientes achieved the wonderful photos for Rouge's newest collection. Ria Bolivar, one of Philippine's top model was professional enough to handle 10 make up changes done by Gina Ilanto as hair was perfected by Brenda. The 48 hour shoot was produced by Sarah Ross and assisted by Irvin Fua, Diane Quinones, Jay Chan and Maria Paredes. Designer Puey Quinones made sure that each dress was laid out with utmost care and detail.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lock and Key Match Party!

Date: Sept. 20, 2007, 7 pm
Venue: NBC Tent, Fort Bonifacio
Organizers: Shu Eumura, Globe Platinum and Motorola

Upon entry, half of the guests are given a small key and the other half, a padlock. It's up to you to circulate and find your match and when you do, both of you win a cellphone. A pretty good concept especially when it was still a bit early and only a small crowd was around but when it got late, there were about 300 people and you can see all the guests working the crowd talking to strangers to see if they are lucky. It got pretty tiring after a while. My gang and I simply gave up.

For entertainment, there was a 20 man orchestra that played one song (Diamonds are Forever) performed by a singer and surprisingly a DJ to give it an upbeat touch to it. A very cool commercial came on for Motorola which garnered applause from the party people. After, there were about 20 dancers who did their thing on the stage, balloon popping for prizes and then back to eating Japanese cocktail food (Zen) and trying out each and every padlock or key one can find.

Although it was fun and a good way to meet people, I personally believe that it was rigged. I bumped into 5 socialites and 3 of them had found their match. Sounds a bit too fishy for me. But then again, you know how these things are in the fashion and cellphone industry. Am I sounding a bit bitter that I didn't win? Hihihi, perhaps I am.

David Kauffman with super cool "shadey" necklace.

Always fresh and beautiful, Leah Puyat.

PQ, your bloggerina, Mia Borromeo and Rorie Carlos.

All smiles, Wesley Villarica and I.

My soul sistah, PQ.

Wearing a very dramatic silk, satin and wool with silk screen by Aj Omandac dress that's inspired by Japanese warriors.

Good friend from Puerto Rico, Ray Serrano.

Srdjan Mendoza exerted all efforts to find his match but to no luck.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

TOWN and COUNTRY Philippines, The FUN Part.

My ultimate favorite photo of the night. Jaime Augusto Zobel and his future.....................................friend.

GM David Batchelor his super lovely wife Marilu with your bloggerina.

Two of my idols in the whole world, Naty Pappas and my mother, JBD.

My soul sistah, Puey Quinones once again made heads turn with his super chic outfit and platinum blonde hair.

My drinking buddy, Srdjan Mendoza.

Rajo's love, Nix Alanon.

Girls gone wild. Pauleen Juan and I snuggle. (hihi) More champagne please!

My good friend and client, Pops Fernandez. This girl knows my secrets. Ssshhh...

Pops, Puey and the famous Vicky Zubiri.

Stunning women of the evening, Jul B. Dizon and Tessa Prieto Valdes.

Louise Locsin looking gorgeous.

No strangers to my blogs, SJ, SC and PQ.

Rajo, Nix, PQ danced the night away.

My favorite brother-in-law, MarA and PQ and your bloggerina. 

The fashion gangster.

My amazing parents.

Janina who looked oh so sexy in a Puey Quinones creation with lovey.

Eye candy for the girls AND boys. (hihi) My beloved friend lent me her necklace and luckily, I had my photo taken before I fainted with joy.

TOWN and COUNTRY Philippines (Part 1)

Event: Launching of Town and Country in the Philippines
Venue: The Peninsula Manila, Rigodon Ballroom
Date: September 12, 2007, 6:30 pm
Sponsors: The Peninsula Manila, Citigold, Belvedere Vodka, VSOP Hennesy,
Attire: Formal

It is hard to put this event into words so please excuse me when I keep the text short and simple. According to my family, friends and clients who attended, participated and enjoyed the launch of Town and Country Philippines, it is so far, the best party that we have ever been in a long time. I totally agree. You have to try to put yourself in my shoes when I try to describe the scenario, and then double the joy because of the great company and that is exactly how great this event was.

Monique Villonco, Mia Borromeo, Tara Santos of T&C, with the help of Junie Rodriguez (Event Stylist extra-ordinnaire), Stephanie Chong (Events Manager of TPM) and many more made sure to pour out 110% of their creative and professional skills towards making this launch truly a success.

I am not exxagerating when I say that there was nonstop serving of Peninsula Brut champagne, red and white wine, white chocolate truffles with coconut sherbet oozing from inside and pritchon (pork wrapped in tortilla with assorted sauces). There was a carving station which served succulent prime rib, adobo sushi rolls and kare-kare vol-au-vent among other delicious cocktail food passed around by efficient, courteous and well mannered waiters.

The ballroom was decorated by Junie using all things beautiful done in the country. Filipino crafts such as Narra tables and cabinets, capis and assorted shell lamps, woven baskets and furniture are mixed with bags from Celestina, Amina Aranaz, and Bea Valdez. The jewellery industry was also represented by Jul B. Dizon Jewellery, Janina by Jul Dizon, de Capriccio and Wynn Wynn Ong.

If you were invited and decided not to go, BOY, what a wrong move. Anyway, enjoy the pics. (Please see Town and Country Philippines, The FUN part blog)

I am really not sure how Junie will outdo himself having done something like this but my luck goes to him. To Summit Media's newest baby, Town and Country and all the people behind it and to The Peninsula Manila, my home, I say MABUHAY!