Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tingting, Doyee and Lucy!

Even before blogging was even THE THING to do, Jul Dizon Jewellery had some super blog material that will surely bring the total of my readers to a whopping 12! (Bwa ha ha)

Seriously though, I would have forgotten about this shoot if I hadn't been assigned to Shang where I can dig up some photos. Boy oh boy, am I glad I was brave enough to go deep into the archives because if not, I wouldn't be able to share these photos I am about to post with you.

You are in for some serious treat because these celebrities/socialites are 3 of our most favorite ladies in the world. Check out how Xeng Zulueta worked on their beautiful faces. How photographer Marc Nicdao captured it on film. How stylist Michael Salientes, with my help (ahem ahem) made sure that every detail was taken cared of. And of course, all the ladies are adorned with Jul B. Dizon jewelry.

Anyway, enough talk....




Cool huh?

Vera Wang and Jul Dizon

It was an event about 3 to 4 years ago. As I was rummaging through piled discs of photos, I found this AMEX Platinum show where we dressed up the models wearing Vera Wang couture.

Thought it would be fun to post this for old memory's sake even if all of the pieces used in this show are already sold.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hoops I did it Again.

Gotta love them hoop earrings! Lately, I am going crazy over loop earrings. I am not sure exactly why but my guess is because since I don't go out much at night anymore, I sorta kinda mellowed down with how I dress. Simple shirt with a skirt, plain round neck with jeans, one piece dress with minimal details etc.... But with the loop earrings, I tend to make the simple outfit dressy enough for a lunch with friends or dinner out with the CandyMan.

There are so so so many ways to design the loop earrings. You can go crazy with the size, stones and price.

Beyonce is all about big ass loop earrings. Here are some of the photos of her wearing different kinds and sizes.

Here's Jul B. Dizon Jewellery's take on the loop earrings. Have your loop earrings done now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Puey Quinones at Members Only.

It has been a while since I went out at night to a bar. It would always be just for dinner and then home by 9 pm. I am getting old. Sigh..

But last night was different. I had to be there for my SISTAH, Puey Quinones, who kicked of a series of mini fashion parties at Members Only at the Fort. StyleBible was there to take photos of Puey's 10 muses, one of which is your bloggerina. Puey created for me a one piece dress that everyone raved about. I wore it with Jul B. Dizon's Black-amoor brooch and dangling yellow gold earrings with rough cut diamonds.

The muses were Lulu Tan Gan, Divine Lee, Ange de la Cruz, Mai Kaufman, Carmina Sanchez, Ria Bolivar, Pia Campos among others. Although we were all wearing his creations, we all felt unique and was proud to be in an original design by PQ.

Here are the pics of the evening..and just to let you know...CandyMan and I left at 11 pm. Party all night, I can no longer do.

Thanks to Isha of StyleBible for this photo!

Rose Cut Diamonds.

The rose cut is said to have been developed in Holland during the 17th century, but may have been used earlier in India in a cruder way. The rose cut lost popularity in the early 18th century, when the brilliant cut was invented. But the beginning of the 20th century saw a slight revival of the cut. In those days, when there would be too much weight loss if a stone was to be polished into a brilliant, people might opt for one or two rose cuts. When the stone is cut so that it is in the form of two rose-cut stones placed base to base, it is called a double rose cut.

Usually, when speaking about a rose cut, people refer to a cone-shaped diamond (or an other prescribed symmetrical form) featuring a variable number of facets (usually two horizontal rows rising to a point) and a flat bottom (which means no pavilion).

It is important to bear on mind that the rose cut is first of all a cut. It is like the emerald cut. You can have emerald cuts as diamonds, as emerald or as diamond. And it also applies for rose cuts. You can have garnet rose cuts, as well as diamond rose cuts. This is important since knowing that helps avoiding a frequent misuse of the vocable rose cut.

Further more, the word "rose" itself could also be misleading as it comes from the flower, the "rose" and means "pink". Therefore, when you find an object that is described as featuring rose cuts, without further information, do not take it for granted and make sure that the stones are cut in diamond or check their color. A rose-cut diamond is also known as a Rose Diamond.

Here are some of our take on ROSE CUT DIAMONDS.