Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Puey Quinones at Members Only.

It has been a while since I went out at night to a bar. It would always be just for dinner and then home by 9 pm. I am getting old. Sigh..

But last night was different. I had to be there for my SISTAH, Puey Quinones, who kicked of a series of mini fashion parties at Members Only at the Fort. StyleBible was there to take photos of Puey's 10 muses, one of which is your bloggerina. Puey created for me a one piece dress that everyone raved about. I wore it with Jul B. Dizon's Black-amoor brooch and dangling yellow gold earrings with rough cut diamonds.

The muses were Lulu Tan Gan, Divine Lee, Ange de la Cruz, Mai Kaufman, Carmina Sanchez, Ria Bolivar, Pia Campos among others. Although we were all wearing his creations, we all felt unique and was proud to be in an original design by PQ.

Here are the pics of the evening..and just to let you know...CandyMan and I left at 11 pm. Party all night, I can no longer do.

Thanks to Isha of StyleBible for this photo!

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Anonymous said...

Looking fab ladies!