Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Out with Ate Jenny's girlfriends

I do go out a lot, I admit it. And it has gone to the brink of me having a good time with my older sister Jenny and her friends, Dorothy, Mitzi, Mary Anne, Carol and Geraldine who was here only for a visit. This is the one and only sister that I have that I used to have fist fights, hair grabbing and clothes burning sessions with. But of course that was, it is just about borrowing money and never paying back kind of fights.

This dinner was at Tatami at Serendra. Japanese food is always good for those in a diet...but this restaurant was not really good for the pocket. Too expensive I think. The dishes that are offered is the usual Japanese goodies that you can basically get anywhere but for a much cheaper price. The menu also needs to be replaced. It is tattered and was done in a cheap manner. Of course I know that the venue matters but I am just the type that likes to pay for what I get. If it were really great food and superb service, I wouldn't mind shelling out more than usual. I know the owner, a friend of mine in fact, I just hope that this criticism is used to make the restaurant improve.

But once again, the company shadowed the fact that I am P1,000 less for dinner that was so-so. It was after dinner when the night became fun. Dessert!!!! Where else but Larry's also at Serendra. The usual order of Lavacake, vanilla ice cream and coffee. Of course, there was a whole lot of chika and laughing that transpired throughout the evening. Since this was an all girls night out (GNO, you will hear that a lot from me), we talked about men, shopping, shoes and R-rated stories. At that time, I was sorta seeing my honey, but not yet sure what would come out of it, so not much talk came from me. As usual, I just made the rude and tactless comments.

Perfect way to end the evening was a call from my mother at 1:30 am to go home at once. By the way, did I mention I am 34 years old? Well....I guess I will always be treated like a baby girl.