Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tricks on My Mind....

Got this email this morning and as I browsed through it quickly, my mind just sent XXXX rated signals...but of course, I was wrong. It's actually entertaining and so I decided to share it with those who haven't seen it. You and your naughty thoughts! BWA HA HA HA! Enjoy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Go Pinoy!

I think this is going to be an interesting fair. Support local products, support your country. CANDIFIER for PRESIDENT!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


In between paragraphs, I will be posting different kinds of bus companies that are on EDSA daily. They are almost all empty but take up half of the highway and create traffic and pollution like you can't imagine. By the time this blog ends, you would have seen 55 different kinds of liners. 55 of each kind but these bus companies have 5 to 7 buses each that go on the same route. That would be approximately 385 buses all trying to squeeze in a 3 to 5 lane highway.

They are rude, careless, reckless and uneducated when it comes to driving. The feel superior because the vehicle they are driving is higher, bigger and not theirs. They are the cause of many high blood pressure, lung disease, skin disease and other heart ailments. They even cause instant deaths. They NEED to be re-organized or better yet, closed down, chopped to pieces and melted.

THE BUS and THE BUS DRIVERS. The metropolitan's worst enemy. At least in my opinion. To add on to what I already said above, it and they cause much delay in important business meetings. Millions could be lost in deals because of them. Many fights between lovers and friends have occurred because of their ways, their number on the streets. Once, I saw a dead man under one of the huge monsters, in between the front and back tires, meaning, in the middle. Seemed to me that if the bus hit him from the front, the man would have been thrown back or at least ended up being near the headlights or front bumper. Instead, he was in the middle of the bus, which can only mean that the bus driver must have made sure that this man does not live.

I lived in the US for 5 years almost and I really like their public bus transportation system. They were in a bus stop at exactly the right time their schedule say it would. There's only 1 kind, 1 color, 1 lane, and 1 owner, it being the government.

We might as well admit it, we Filipino's are suckers for anything imported. We try to copy their ways, speak their language and purchase their products. So if we are going to do this anyway without shame, why can't we as well, adopt or follow their ways which are progressive, systematic and beneficial to all?

If I were President of the Philippines, or even the MMDA Chairman, I would make this my first order. Get rid of ALL the bus companies in Metro Manila and make one that is owned, run and managed by the government.

Sure sure, you say that they are corrupt and the money will go to their pockets....but to tell you honestly, I don't think I would mind it this time IF what we get in return is a clean EDSA. A highway that is so vital to us who live in Metro Manila to be a moving one, not crawling as I do everyday in my car. Imagine the gas that you can save; becoming prompt, thus more efficient, the health benefits of not having to inhale their carbon monoxide. The delivery of products, dairy, livestock and vegetables that we ourselves eat can get to the stores/groceries before they rot.

I am getting all hyper just thinking about why our government just allows this to happen. They themselves give permit for all these companies to run without thinking if we really need them. Sure, I have my own car, unlike most of the people in this city who have to commute but I am not saying get rid of all the buses. I am merely trying to voice out my opinion on how it can be more efficient if we only had 1 bus company that follow a bus stop schedule.

Try to account the fact that they stop almost anywhere they want despite the NO STOPPING ANYTIME signs on the road. They swerve left and right like they are the only ones on the road. Doesn't really matter to them how loud or long you honk your horn. Doesn't matter if they cut into your lane and that you almost hit the car beside you trying to avoid them.

Can you believe that there are still more photos to be posted? Take note, I did not post the same company twice.

And so finally, before my blood begins to boil once again seeing all these buses, I do hope that someday, when it's our children's time to be on the front line of our businesses and work force, they will not have to deal with these monsters. Now, I have 2 friends who own bus companies, of which are also posted above. I hope that you take no offense in my post but I am sure that when you are on EDSA, you yourselves have experienced terrible driving, sickening pollution and maddening traffic because of buses.