Thursday, February 5, 2009

9 Course Wonder.

It was a night to remember....

A nine course dinner prepared especially for 30 guests at the Global Academy Culinary School by Sunshine Puey Pengson and her honey, Rob Pengson. It is done once in two months and seats are very limited. We were in luck to be able to get a slot. We came prepared. No lunch in our tummies, we were ready for the battle.

The menu

First course

Second course

Third course

Fourth course

Fifth course

Sixth course

Seventh course


By now, I am pretty sure you are drooling or can hear your tummy growling with hunger. Well, you have every right to be. The food was fantastic! It was so carefully thought of...the mixture of ingredients, the amount to be used and the presentation was superb. The kitchen, of course, was all glass so you have full view of what's going on inside. You can see how much effort each staff put into making the plates look good enough for a magazine feature.

Although the location was not really that appealing, once you enter the doors of the school, it felt more homey. The service was excellent. No need to ask for anything because it seemed like the waiters can read your mind.

The price of a degustation dinner ranges from P2,500 to P3,000 depending on the menu prepared. I must tell you that it is so inexpensive for what you are getting. First class service, finest quality food and every single bite was extremely delicious.

The hard working, culinary couple that prepared this meal along with their kitchen partners.

The reason we had this wonderful dinner. Cheffie won the raffle at the 50 Must Buys in Manila book launch. YIPPPEEE!!!


JDHoschka said...

Anonymous said...

You got this all for FREE????? gosh! how lucky are you???

Anonymous said...

God, the steak looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

sarap naman!