Friday, December 8, 2006

Peninsula's 30th Anniversary

What a night. Was deciding on what to wear till the last minute. The green or red dress? In the end, I opted for the green because my friend, Dennis Lustico, made it for me for that evening. My friend, Steffie, didnt get to wear her Dennis because the color was exactly the color that Rajo designed for the waitresses in the lobby. So she wore a very nice black brocade dress that reminded me of Audrey Hepburn.

The lobby was filled with the classiest people in Manila. Food was everywhere! Lobsters, prawns, tuna, sushi in the lobby. In the pool, Brazilian food so a lot of grilled steak, sausages and seafood. In the Rigodon ballroom, was heaven. Chocolate fountain, pralines, chocolate covered strawberries, trufffles, cake and we are talking expensive imported chocolate, well we are in THE PENINSULA after all. The aroma would lead you to the room from a mile away. In the Conservatory, nonstop of pass around cocktails and the Dj that played through the entire evening. But everywhere in the hotel, OVERFLOWING champage, white and red wine. I must have drank 6 glasses and was dizzy at the end of the night.

My gang for the evening, Lawrence, Christine, Chase, Clark and my date, Bryan. I am telling you, the best time of my life will be because of 3 things and 3 things alone.

1. You are amongst good friends. My gang was the perfect group of friends I can hang with that night because Christine's dad, is a director at Pen, so the waiters would leave the whole bottle of champagne on our table as per requested by Lawrence.

2. I had my hair done. My dress made by a great fashion designer and somehow, with all the alcohol in me, I felt pretty enough to mingle with the A class guests. And as long as I have lisptick on, I feel that I can conquer the world.

3. It was all for FREE. I dont know what to say more about all the food and drinks being given to you with such great service and not having to shell out a single centavo for it.

Do I make my point clear about how to have the best time of your life? I had a date that night (although it wasn't really an official date) and Bryan took care of this zigzag, dizzy dizon girl who had a lot to drink that night. The great part of the evening was when Bryan gave me a bunch of really nice flowers that were displayed in the newly renovated gym/spa of the hotel. He had the trainer take the flowers from the vase and handed them to me. So against my really green dress, were really red flowers and that made my night even better because red happens to by my favorite color.

So if I were you, I would try my best to be in the guest list to these parties that offer great company, superb ambiance, excellent entertainment and delicious food. If you can, this will all amount to a very unforgettable evening.