Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Peninsula Manila, the aftermath of the seige.

I was so ready to show you so many photos but I was told by Pen management that I cannot release any and because I am loyal to my Pen family, I must abide. Sigh....but really, we all have seen the worst, will showing it to my 20 readers really matter? Herald Tribune has a huge photo of the tank by the entrance. Anyway, I will try to describe it as colorful as I can and in time, when all has died down, will still try to post the pics.

As I walk towards the entrance the morning after the Magdalo group took over my Peninsula, an overwhelming sadness filled my heart as I saw where the tank destroyed the doors I walk through almost every day of my life. Broken glasses and bullet holes all over. The mirrors broken with bullet holes, the chairs and tables were overturned and burnt. The marble cracked and shattered. Plants were stepped on and crushed.

The staff were all there, fixing, cleaning and arranging what was left of the furniture that was not destroyed. It is an eerie feeling because I am so used to seeing the lobby with people having meetings, dining and tourists checking in. This morning, it was just a mess.

Thank goodness that none of the staff were hurt. All the concessionaires were also spared from gun shots and looting attempts.

The saddest story I have heard so far comes from a friend of mine who lives at the Pen. When the soldiers came in and took all they needed to arrest, they searched her home and took her personal belongings including her jewellery (engagement and wedding rings, watches and more). Now, tell me, are these soldiers here to protect and serve OR to harm and steal from us civilians? Whoever holds these stolen items now, may he have the nastiest rash with puss and infection in his groin for 20 years. Why 20? Because that is how much the engagement ring costs. US$20,000. A 1 carat, E color, Flawless diamond solitaire set in platinum from Tiffany. I have strong ties with the evil side so he has been cursed.

Anyway, we all have lessons to learn from this event, my top 5 being the ff:

1. Neilsen's entrance should be permanently closed.
2. Female journalists should forever put make up just incase something like this happens and they are on tv the whole day.
3. Always wear your engagement and wedding rings.
4. If it doesn't fit once, the 4th time will do the trick (tank and main door).
5. When you have a planned sale on Friday but the hotel gets under attack by 500 soldiers, a tank and mulitple gun shots fired on Thursday, most likely, the sale is postponed. So to all the people who asked if the sale was pushing thru today....think again. :)

Photos and Peninsula!

For those who have heard about the chaos in The Peninsula Manila and are worried about your bloggerina, SHE IS ALIVE. I will put on lipstick and wear a low cut top and storm the hotel tomorrow despite being blocked off by the army to check out my store and take photos of the mess the stupid soldiers made.

Seriously, did they really need to ram a TANK inside the lobby? There were less than 20 men with guns and there were 500 or more cops and army dudes outside. I am sure they could have kicked ass without having to destroy private property! They rammed the doors not once, not twice but FOUR times to get through. Crushed tables and chairs and tore apart the Christmas decor that was put up the night before.

This is my HOME dudes!! Who do you think you are messing with? This is a blogger with 20 readers (6 of them my family). I HAVE CLOUT and a following. You do not do this kind of thing to the CANDIFIER! Geez...the nerve!

Anyway, for ALL my 20 readers, stick to me and you'll be safe. Girls, make sure you ALWAYS wear your red lipstick and low cut tops. For the guys, just say you are friends with me and you'll be fine.

Tomorrow, the photos. Promise. For Senator Trillanes, Gen. Lim, Pres. GMA, I have one message for you all....


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Bangkok!

I have always loved this country. Ever since my first visit, I knew in my heart that it is a place that I would go back to again and again.

This trip is more fun than usual because I was with 4 other girlfriends who had one thing in mind. Eat, shop and party. Mitzi, Mary Anne, Carol, Janina and I made sure that we maxed out out cards, drain the ATM machine of all its content, try on every single dress and shoes and eat as much Mango with Sticky Rice that we could find.

We girls had only 5 hours of sleep each day, even if our feet had swollen up to a size bigger, our shopping elbow almost broke off and our eyes had ready to pop out, it is a wonderful experience to be traveling with friends who do not have a budget and who laugh at all my tactless and filthy green jokes.

Anyway, Bangkok, to those who have not been, is all about shopping and good food. Even the street vendors who sell noodle soup, grilled fish balls, squid, fruits and fresh juices are actually delectable but extremely cheap. It's a good quick tummy filler if you don't want to stop shopping.

We went to all the malls in the area. Paragon, Central World, Big C, MBK, Central, Siam and as if that wasn't enough, we took our aching legs and pockets even to the streets.

Next shopping weekend spree, SINGAPORE!

The steet life becomes alive with vendors around 11 pm to 2 am. You can find t-shirts, tank tops, watches, home accessories, shoes, toys and food.

The fruits are sweet and very clean. A healthy way to energize!

This photo was taken at midnight so traffic isn't that bad but on normal days, bumper to bumper.

The finer side of Bangkok...This was taken at Paragon. The newest luxury mall in Bangkok. All the expensive brands are located in this mall and my friend who owns a jewellery store here told me that their rent is Baht 1,000,000 a month. That is CRAZY SH_T!

Mitzi treated the girls to gelatto! Kob kun kaa! (Thank you in Thai).

In the menu, this drink says, Strawberry Flappe...(no, I didn't mispell this one). But it was sooooo good.

MASSAGE took away the body aches, temporarily. This was in Siam. Baht300/hour for foot massage. Tip should be Baht 50.

This is what happens when you put 5 girls together and an unlimited budget.

And THIS is what we end up having for dinner because all the restaurants closed on us.

The girls of Bangkok..

Lunching in Thailand.

It was a spur of the moment decision for us girls to go to Bangkok for the weekend. We took Cebu Pacific because it was cheap (P8,600 round trip). It departs Manila at 10:05 pm (which in real life is about 10:45 pm as the flight was delayed). We got into a freezing airplane, enough to wear thermal underwear. Mary Anne asked for a blanket and she was told that the blankets are for sale (P450.00). We had no idea that they weren't even going to serve water or Ding Dong peanuts. I mean, we never flew CP internationally before so were in Twilight Zone. No food at all??? I checked out the magazines and saw a "menu". For one cup of noodles, I would have to pay P100.00 (in the grocery, it is only P15.00). The chairs are built for robots. They did not follow the curve of the back and neck so in the end of the flight, we had ice dripping out of our noses, thundering sounds in our tummy, and neck as stiff as if it were injected with liquid Viagra.

The lesson here, fly Thai Airways or Philippine Airlines.

Anyway, lunch the following day made us all forget the horrific 3 hour trip. At Erawan Tea Room by Grand Hyatt Erawan, a beautiful ambiance made us go back to the land of the spoiled brats. We had a great meal and it didn't even hurt out pockets at all.

Located on the 2nd floor of Erawan Bangkok, the Erawan Tea Room serves traditional Thai cuisine complemented by refreshing beverages in a beautifully-appointed semi-casual setting.

Utilising a rich, classic d├ęcor, internationally acclaimed designer Tony Chi has revived the nostalgic atmosphere of a bygone era in a Tearoom whose panoramic windows overlook the fascinating Erawan Shrine.

Takeaway packaged products and a wide selection of tea from India, China, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are available.

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

This is my 6th airport I have been in a span of 3 months and I must say that it is the best so far. It sort of reminds me of Hong Kong but in a way, Bangkok integrated more of its culture in its interior decoration. One great thing I noticed about it is that there is no need to repaint any of the walls or ceiling because it is all made out of virgin cement which is actually quite smart and not at all bad looking.

It is tourist friendly enough and very organized in such a way that even the immigration department is spread out according to where your baggage is to be claimed.

A truly magnificent structure but hey, that reminds me, doesn't the Philippines have a brand new airport somewhere? Ohhh yeah, it's called NAIA 2. I guess the government would like to keep it brand new so it refuses to open it and prefers that we use the old crappy one where the ceiling has mold growing on it. Lovely!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chef Massimo livens up Mi Piace!

It is my fault. I blogged about this too late. Whoever reads this and decide to try it out, it is impossible because the promo has ended. I apologize and admit that you truly missed out on this one.

Mi Piace, the Italian restaurant here in The Peninsula Manila had a month long Anti Pasti Buffet that will surely make you food lovers go nuts. I often dine in MP and always find it a bit sad and lonely but because of the promo, I have never seen it as busy and alive with happy eaters.

It was a good call for Chef Massimo Veronesi to celebrate Italian cuisine this way even if it hurt my pocket. I must have had lunch here 5 times in one month. I am what you call a customer that just keeps coming back for more.

Now, it is time to rest and await for the new and upcoming promo Chef Massimo is preparing. This time, I will make sure to let you know on the first day it starts.

In the meantime, go ahead and drool.

Mi Piace, The Peninsula Manila
(632) 8123456