Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spoiled in Italy.

Airfare to Arezzo in Italy, 3 days 3 nights in a 4 star hotel, all meals, transfers and gifts and all for free. This is the good life.

We were billeted in AC Hotels which was a sweet brand new hotel that offered superb service and 3 meals a day for us guests of the Italian Trade Commission.

After 2 and half days of work, my mom and I went to Piazza Grande and took in the beautiful sights and enjoyable weather. Met a very nice man at the fair, Sean Lee, who treated mom and I to a fabulous dinner in Logge Vasari in Arezzo.

I had the lamb, mom the foie gras and he had the pasta and steak, a bottle of red wine for Sean and champagne for me.

It was a very memorable evening for all of us because of the many similarities that the Lee and the Dizon family have. Being 3 years older than me, Sean also belongs in the 3rd generation of jewelers in the family. His company is called Le Plus Joaillerie in Seoul, Korea. He is a middle child, and handles all the traveling for the company. He also studied in the US, as I did, and has family in California, as I do as well. His brother has the same birthday as mine and his mom and his dad are exactly the same age as my mom and dad. His mom's birthday is 4 days apart from my mom's. He is very well mannered, soft spoken and obviously educated. He is a Buddhist, the religion I am most inclined to adopt. He talks so freely and openly about his religion, country, politics and family life that we all felt very comfortable with one another and it just made the mother and daughter's trip even more delightful.

For the company, roses and dinner, thank you Sean.

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