Thursday, June 19, 2008

All Hail the Queen Candifier of Blogspot.

I recently finished the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philippa Gregory and now working on "Mary, Bloody Mary" by Carolyn Meyer. To be quite honest, while reading these books, I use an English accent. I am quite fond of using this accent because it makes me feel like I truly belong in that era. After I was done with the first book, the accent stayed with me and it was quite delightful to see the reaction of my people when I talked to them.

"Chambermaid! Go the the town and fetch me the freshest meats for the festival!"
(Yaya, can you go to the grocery and buy bacon?")

"Horseman! Ready my horse, quickly! I would like to ride to the woods with the King."
(Teddy, please wash my car, I am going out on a date.")

"My good sir, would you be kind enough to tell the King that I shall not be present during dinner as I have important matters to attend to. Purchasing new silk for my gown is surely more important than being in court."
(Kuya, tell Dad that I can't join you guys for dinner because I have to go shopping for a new dress for a party.")

How fascinating this era is for me. The extravagant lifestyle, the politics, the love affairs. King Henry VIII's life and unstoppable lust for women and how the same women he loved, he had beheaded. That such a man had so much power and how carelessly he had used it. Although there were many great things this King had done for England as well. His actions however showed how easy it was to take a life. It was so easy for the King to dispose anybody that he did not fancy. A scary time to live in but I think I would have liked it.

I have always thought that I would make an outstanding Queen. I am good at ordering people around and yet I am sincere and gentle to my followers. I know for a fact that I would look magnificent with a crown on my head. I am one to make sure that my King is pleased with my actions and that I would make the people in his kingdom adore us for all time.

But now comes the real challenge. What tiara should I wear? There are just so many to choose from that I am developing a headache from all the crowns available. Perhaps if I showed you, the citizens of Blogspot, you will understand this huge undertaking that I am now facing.

With this in mind, I solemnly declare that from now on, I shall be known and remembered as Queen Candifier of Blogspot. I must admit that I have come to like the sound of that. Makes perfect sense since I have once been called SNOOTY. I might as well live up to the name.

Now go and spread the word to the Kingdom. The Queen has arrived.


@-->---- said...

every lady is a queen, so they say. thus, every lady should be treated with respect :P

ohdiva! said...

You are the true Queen of Blogspot. Even if it is self proclaimed, I will be your humble servant.

Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

DUDE! I LOOOVE THIS POST! All those tiaras... oh how i wish ;) Wouldn't it be fun to actually own a tiara and wear it out every so often?

Your lowness,
Jackie T :D

Candifier said...

We should have a tiara party! I love the thought of waving to the people of my Kingdom from an open horse driven carriage.

You can be my lady-in-waiting baghag wannabe! BWA HA HA!