Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Old Manila with a New Chef and Menu!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I have a friend named Markus Tauwald who is somewhat new to the country. Only been here for 6 months and is still in the middle of furnishing his apartment. But being new here is something you might hard to believe when you get to know him. He is considered one of the VVIP's in a few establishments and has about a million friends in the Philippines already. He sometimes knows the streets of Makati better than me. Shame on me, I know.

When Steffie told me that the hotel has a new chef and that he is cute, I didn't think "Chris O'Donnel" look-a-like would become one of my best friends. But I am glad that he did because this guy is all about fun, laughter and stories about interesting experiences in Switzerland, Maldives, Bangkok, and everywhere around Europe where he worked at an early age. 

Chef Markus Tauwald is from Bavaria, Germany. At 25, it amazes me that he holds the title of Chef de Cuisine of one of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants in the country. Old Manila at The Peninsula is now serving modern European cuisine that Markus had created.

Last week, my cousin from the US visited. Janina and I decided to treat him to Old Manila because we were quite excited to taste the new menu the restaurant has to offer. 

First, I say, if and when you want to eat in OM, make sure you are prepared to spend but believe me, it is worth every centavo. Bon Appetite!

Black and white truffle soup with parmesan shortbread is P680.00

Seared tuna loin snow pea sprouts, cauliflower and truffle dressing is P640.00

Trio of foie gras of ginger-honey parfait, cognac-balsamic reduction and pineapple-pear relish is P1,350

Roasted rack of Lamb with baby artichokes Rubik potato and Madeira reduction is P1,800

The Rubik potato looks too artistic to eat.

The best sorbet I have ever had, Cinnamon and Apple flavor. YUM!

Truffle-crusted milk-fed Dutch veal rib eye with couscous, roasted parsnips and red chard leaves is P1,900

The Chef and the gang.

The Peninsula Manila
Old Manila
(632) 8123456

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