Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moet and Chandon, Rouge and my soul sistah!

Event: Moet and Chandon launches Rouge
Venue: Nuvo, Greenbelt
Time: 8 to 11 pm. Partying did not end till morning though.
Attire: Usual night out clothing.
Sponsors: Moet and Chandon, Dior, Jewelmer
Special guest: Puey Quinones

It was hot. The weather AND the party. Nuvo had red drapes hanging (my favorite color) and bottles of champagne displayed all over the open air portion of Nuvo. The floor was emptied of the usual tables and chairs and were replaced by platforms for the models to step on. The music was loud and I really enjoyed it. The DJ was playing cool tracks that had some 80's music that blended in with recent ones such as Michael Jackson and Nelly Furtado. Need to keep this DJ in mind when I have a party.

People started pouring in around 10 pm. A lot of foreigners, socialites, fashion designers, media folks and the usual party goers. My gang, Dennis Lustico, Jojie Lloren, Lulu Tan-Gan, Taka and Windie Hayano, and friends was able to get a bottle of Moet and Chandon using PQ as our connection. Apparently, you needed one to be able to receive a bottle. It was quite difficult to ask the waiters to serve us because they were given strict instructions that they can only give out the champagne when they are given the signal to do so by the organizer. Now this seemed odd to me since this party was by invitation only and since the major sponsor was M and C it only makes sense to have the champagne served to all that were there and to serve it as if it came from an ocean. We had to practically beg for one which is so not cool.

When the bottle came, it was in an ice bucket and had a flare in it which I was afraid of because it can totally burn the haute couture that everyone was wearing that evening and what a disaster that would be. Although it added even more heat and danger to the evening, it was nice to see because admit it, we all love fireworks.

The highlight of the evening was the show where my soul sistah, Puey Quinones, launched his Rouge clothing line as a enters the international fashion arena. He showcased about 30 outfits that drew a lot of ahhhs from the crowd including me. I have never been so proud of PQ. I know that he worked a great deal to make this launch a success. The designs were young, sexy and stylish. He made use a lot of white linen material and silk polka dotted pattern. Tight knee length shorts and flowing gowns were my favorite. I couldn't help hating myself in the end for not being able to have a model's size so that I can just borrow PQ's collection whenever there is an event.

My dear friend, Rajo Laurel and Preview's Editor, Pauline Suaco-Juan was there to witness the show. Although Rajo was all smiles in this photo, it wasn't so 3 hours later when his Prado got carnapped. DARN this country!!! Here you are, wanting to have a good time with friends and then when you want to go home, your car gets stolen which means you need to stay up another 5 hours for the police report and all that crap and that's above the fact that you just lost a car worth P1M plus! Whoever stole his car is bound to get his karma and I hope he gets it REAL soon.

No food was served which kinda sucks because I was starving. I guess I got so used to Martini's hospitality when they would offer drinks and food whenever there is an event. Oh well, need to diet anyway. How else will I fit in those clothes last night?

If you want awesome clothes in your drabby closet, I say, get in touch with PQ.

Puey Quinones

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