Wednesday, January 14, 2009

See you at Cicou!

Celebrating Month-saries are often perceived to be corny, but to me, I feel that it is the best way to keep a relationship alive and romantic. Even if a couple have passed the one year mark, I would find it incredibly sweet if Cheffie would continue to treat each month as something worth celebrating. (hint hint) To all you ladies out there who think that it is a useless date to celebrate, prepare to be envious. And to the men who happen to be reading this, if you love your honey, no matter how corny she thinks it may be, a simple dinner to acknowledge your monthsary will be appreciated in the long run if not immediately.

Last night was our 7th. We decided to try out the newly opened Cicou (pronouced as SEE-SUE). It has been two months since they opened their doors and already the buzz about the good food is inching its way to the food lovers grape vine.

Cicou is a French restaurant. It is located where I grew up. No not Quezon City, but where Faces and Mars used to be. Yeah, those were the days when my friends and I would hit the disco every weekend, get on the ledge and dance to the music of Break Out by Swing Out Sister and Harvest for the World by The Isley Brothers. Cicou is inside a boutique hotel called Hotel Celeste along Jupiter in Makati Avenue. (More on the hotel later)

Anyway getting back to the dinner...

The place is cozy. I liked the lighting and the furniture. The staff were super friendly and was able to give us answers to our inquiries about their menu. The front manager asked if we were celebrating anything as he brought us to our table. I proudly informed him of this special date and he walked away with a smile.

I ordered the roasted lamb fillet coated with herbs and ravioli.

Cheffie had the chicken breast stuffed with walnut butter and bourdin sausages.

Appetizer was Wagyu terrine. It's not really a favorite of mine since I don't particularly like cold steak but Cheffie liked it so it must be good.

Our orders arrived and boy was I happy about the lamb! It was so flavorful, juicy and so tender that it seemed to melt in my mouth. Cheffie's chicken was also divine but I still preferred my lamb. The side dishes on its own was wonderful and our plates were clean enough that it need not to be washed.

Best part is of course, the dessert. While waiting for our Apple Tatin and Chocolate Ganache and Caramel Chocolate, the chef sent over complimentary bite size dessert samplers. No photo of that because it was gone in seconds.

When the sweet goodies arrived, we were surprised to have 3 plates on our table instead of 2. How kind of Chef Cyrille Soenen to have sent us a complimentary dessert to mark our monthsary.

All in all, it was a dinner worth blogging not because of our 7th month together but because we celebrated it in a lovely restaurant with great food and romantic ambiance.

Our compliments to Chef Cyrille Soenen for a magnificent dining experience.

Restaurant Cicou
Hotel Celeste, 2 San Lorenzo Drive
Makati, Metro Manila
Reservations - (632) 8896728


Anonymous said...

food looks great. gotta try it out soon. happy monthsary!

Anonymous said...

Yum. Will make my honey take me there for our 3rd monthsary. thanks for the tip!

CG said...

Hi, can you tell me how to get there? Is there ample parking? This QC girl gets lost in Makati :-)
Thanks in advance

Candifier said...

From EDSA, turn right on Ayala Avenue, turn left on Makati Avenue, straight all the way until you hit the San Loreno gate. Cicou is inside the hotel called Hotel Celeste which happens to be in the corner of Pasay Road and Makati Avenue.


Anonymous said...

That lamb looks so juicy, it made my stomach rumble!